Think You Know A​​​​​ll About CSI? Think Again...........

So What Does A Real CSI Get Up To?

Have you ever sat and watched an episode of CSI Miami or any of the other spin off shows and thought I'd love to do that, is it really like that?  Is it really that glamorous? Is it true to life? Here at Secret Life Of A CSI I'm going to let you in on what it's really like to be a CSI!

It's definitely not as glamorous, unless your version of glamorous is wearing wellies while getting stuck in a ditch in the pouring rain in the pitch black? No? Thats not my idea of glamorous either, but I've definitely been in that situation more than once!

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Here Are A Selection Of My Latest Blogs - Watch Out For The Category!

Glamorous CSI Part 2

The Glamorous CSI Part 2

When I decided I wanted to be a CSI I was very young and watched people on tv wering smart suits waving around fingerprint brushes finding fingerprints. It all looked very glamorous to me and being nosey by nature I thought; perfect job! I didn’t however have visions that I would ever be dressed up in a scene suit doing the things I do now! In some ways I’m pleased I was none the wiser because sometimes my job is horrendous! Read on to find out the things they never tell you will happen to you…..there is a corker at the end!

Autopsy room csi mortuary peril

CSI Mortuary Perils

Let me set the record straight and tell you what it’s really like to be at an autopsy and what perils await us CSI’s. We are used to being in this environment but sometimes even we can be squeamish!

CSI Vs Weather

CSI Vs Weather

Home Blog About Me Contact Me Secret Life Of A CSI CSI Vs Weather Tweet0 Pin0 I imagine in CSI Miami it never rains, the sun is always out and the evidence is never destroyed/compromised by the weather. It’s just glorious sunshine, but not too hot, just the right temperature to not make them sweaty

who is behind the door

Who Is Behind The Door?

I may be a Crime Scene Investigator working for a Police Force but there have been occasions when I have had to call for help when I’m at a Crime Scene! Just because I wear a uniform doesn’t mean I’m safe. More often than not it means I’m more of a target because of it. The average person I visit is in need of my help, however you can never tell what’s behind the door – or who! Sometimes the victim will turn out to not be what you thought. Occasionally the victim becomes the suspect!

Human bones in a grave

Bone Or Stone

I’m so lucky in my job as a Crime Scene Investigator that I get to ‘try out’ other peoples occupations, not just watch them! This week I’m not just a CSI, I’m an archaeological CSI excavating a human body from a ditch!

‘What did you do today?’ My husband asks. The reply is not what he was expecting, it was far more interesting than my usual lab work. I had him intrigued!


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