When I decided I wanted to be a CSI I was very young and watched people on tv wering smart suits waving around fingerprint brushes finding fingerprints. It all looked very glamorous to me and being nosey by nature I thought; perfect job! I didn’t however have visions that I would ever be dressed up in a scene suit doing the things I do now! In some ways I’m pleased I was none the wiser because sometimes my job is horrendous! Read on to find out the things they never tell you will happen to you…..there is a corker at the end!

I’m so lucky in my job as a Crime Scene Investigator that I get to ‘try out’ other peoples occupations, not just watch them! This week I’m not just a CSI, I’m an archaeological CSI excavating a human body from a ditch!

‘What did you do today?’ My husband asks. The reply is not what he was expecting, it was far more interesting than my usual lab work. I had him intrigued!

We are fairly un-shockable people in comparison to the rest of society due to the diverse nature of incidents we attend. However there are still circumstances where the public can make situations far worse than you thought possible! And there are definitely situations where the public can make a CSI feel awkward at a crime scene! Trust me, I’ve been there!

If you are an avid fan of watching CSI Miami then you probably have this impression that we all run around looking really glamorous and solve every crime we come across? But what is it really like to be a CSI in Reality? CSI; is it really glamorous as they portray it to be? In reality do I go around in high heels and a skirt (I wish) finding evidence with numerous lasers and sprays. Or do i just get given a ‘unisex’ (just read mans here) uniform and a fingerprint brush? Ive put together a few examples of what I really get up to, it may not be girly or glamorous but it can be fun.