Who Is Behind The Door?

I may be a Crime Scene Investigator working for a Police Force but there have been occasions when I have had to call for help when I’m at a Crime Scene! Just because I wear a uniform doesn’t mean I’m safe. More often than not it means I’m more of a target because of it. The average person I visit is in need of my help, however you can never tell what’s behind the door – or who! Sometimes the victim will turn out to not be what you thought. Occasionally the victim becomes the suspect!

who is behind the door

What Doors Do We Have Today?

They all start out as normal days. You turn up for work (always a good way to start) and see what jobs need attending. Our ‘bread and butter’ are home invasions and car crime, today there were several of these to go to.

In the interest of fairness the Sergeant divvies out the jobs, that way no-one can be accused of cherry picking the ‘best’ or the ‘nicest’ job. What did I get today? A home invasion, great! On a notorious Heroin & Crack Cocaine road in the town, this is not so great. However I have been here before and there are a few pleasant houses on the block. Maybe I will be going to one of these, because who burgles a disgusting house? Burglars want nice things don’t they? I can only hope!

Time To Go

Morning cup of coffee consumed I head out to my van and check I’ve got everything I need for the day. I let ‘Control’ know which job I’m going to and head off. Little did I know how important that radio call would be over the next hour of my life. I know plenty of people who just rock up at a job without saying where they are going. It’s hopeless from a personnel safety point of view and makes it difficult to know which jobs have been done – but there will always be people who don’t care.

Anyway, I digress! The address I’m off to is literally around the block from the station, another detail I will be grateful for within the hour! No cars on the driveway, I pull up and let Control know I’ve arrived.

Let's See What I've Got Behind This Door

The premises are a 3 story terrace townhouse. I knock and wait to see what’s behind this particular door. A scruffy looking man eventually answers, not quite the start I was hoping for but I follow him in. Maybe I should have been less eager to get out of the office and read more about the warning markers, something isn’t feeling quite right. I get my 'brave face' on!

I was expecting to walk in to a hallway, see a lounge or a dining room maybe. I spot a kitchen right at the back but the other doors on the ground floor are all locked with padlocks. Weird! I’m taken straight up to the next floor, apparently the victims’ room is up here. We go in the room at the front where it’s clear this is his personal space. There is a bed, wardrobe and a fridge. It turns out this is shared housing for people who have just come out of prison. These are called halfway houses and I’ve been to several of these and have never had any trouble so I’m not alarmed. Yet!

So What's Happened Here?

There are 2 rooms on this floor and it seems that although each bedroom door has a lock there is another way to get between rooms. The wardrobe set in to the wall at the other end of the wall mirrors the one in the other room. Turns out they only have a piece of plywood between them and there is a hole in this. My victim is accusing the man who also lives on this floor of crawling between rooms and stealing the tv.

Interesting! As you cannot age a fingerprint it makes it much harder to know when a fingerprint was placed on any surface. So if these two guys were friends and have hung out in each other’s rooms at any point there could be a legitimate reason for the suspects’ prints to be in this room anyway. The job is never easy!

Obviously if the victims tv is in the suspects room then it’s a whole different ball game, but I have no legal reason to be in any other rooms of the house as they are technically all separate premises with different occupants.

The Situation Changes

As I’m working out what I’m going to ‘dust’ (and quite literally as this room is filthy) I notice a change in my victim. His mannerisms are telling me he could possibly be on drugs. The street itself is notorious for a reason; crack cocaine and heroin abuse. One moment he is calm and upset, the next he is shouting in a rage! Not the best situation for me to be in ! I don’t like coming here ‘single crewed’ and now I’m upstairs in a premises with a very agitated male. He had started out calm when I had arrived but was switching between this and a high state of agitation. This isn’t so good, I will need to try and keep him calm and do my job as best I can but as swiftly as I can for my own safety.

Someone Else Is Behind Another Door

I’ve almost finished and am beginning to pack up my kit. I’ve found a few fingerprints, I was always going to, this is Ident Heaven to a CSI. However, the situation was about to change drastically. I hadn’t given it much thought about who else would be in the house with us, it seemed people were either sleeping or out. The front door opens and someone starts coming up the stairs. This immediately makes my victim jump up agitatedly and he goes out in the corridor. What on earth is going on? Do I go outside too? I decide to wait, not sure if this was a mistake or in my best interest eventually.

Who Was It?

The ‘suspect’ has returned home, unaware the police have been called and my victim confronts him on the landing. But before he starts fighting with the suspect he locks the door to his room trapping me inside! Shit!! I’m now locked in a room on the first floor with no way out. And don’t even think that I’m climbing through the wardrobe hole in to the suspects room. That seems like a terrible idea too! There is pandemonium occurring on the landing. They are clearly having a fist fight. Part of me is pleased I'm not out there but obviously I am genuinely concerned I have been locked inside! What do I do?

I have to do something no officer ever wants to do. I push the panic button on my radio and signal that not only am I locked in a room but that the suspect has come home and they are fighting. Violently by the sounds of it. So I guess I just sit and wait and hope helps comes before that door is opened!

Dont Panic!

We don’t like members of our ’family’ to be in trouble. Thankfully the house was so close I could hear my colleagues literally leaving the Police station with their sirens blaring. Coming to my rescue! Relieved but also a bit embarrassed I’d got myself in this situation there was nothing else to do but sit and wait. 

What I didn’t think about when I pushed that button was what the reaction of the two guys on the landing would be. To sum it up they weren’t best impressed. But you can’t lock someone in a room can you!


Within minutes the cavalry had arrived and were coming up the stairs as the front door was left open. The fighting was broken up and the door was unlocked. My mate was standing there, took one look at me and smiling said “I knew it would be you!”

Charming :-)

Needless to say I take far more notice of warning markers before I rush out! Little bit shaky and definitely a lesson learnt!

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